TRF Receives Mention in the 2016 ELNEC Awards

We thank the End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) organization for honoring the work we do alongside the other members of the Asian Leadership Team with a 2016 ELNEC award.

The Asian team, composed of trainers from China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, received the award for “their exceptional commitment in teaching, promoting, disseminating, and implementing ELNEC.” One other international team and eight individuals received the award as well.

To quote a portion of the citation: 

“In the Philippines, the Ruth Foundation for Palliative and Hospice Care (TRF) has been involved in organizing annual ELNEC-Core trainings from 2012-2016. Much of this work has been developed and overseen by Rumalie Corvera, MD and Ayda Nambayan, PhD, who have taught over 400 nurses. In 2016, the first ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care course was held with Dr. Nambayan as the core faculty consultant.”

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