Partnership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in sharing HOPE! We are always open to exploring various partnership opportunities with individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to spreading our advocacy. As the saying goes, “each of us can make a difference, and everyone should try.” Your assistance will:

1. make home visits accessible to more people, especially the underprivileged.


Your support will enable the mobilization of a multi-professional palliative care team composed of a full-time community nursepart-time home care nurses pool and palliative care physicians with logistical and administrative support. We envision to provide a minimum of forty (40) “Palliative Care Encounters” per month that will share Care, Dignity and Hope.

2. offer training modules in Palliative and Hospice Care to patients, families, community workers and health professionals.


Your support will strengthen the palliative and hospice concept of caring through educational awareness and empowerment programs at different levels of learning. We can help patients not feel alone: instead, we want them to feel safe in the company and care of equipped family members and competent health professionals.

3. support special services such as respite care and grief counseling.


Through your partnership, you become part of the palliative and hospice care family – helping to make a difference and giving hope, not just to patients in this critical chapter of life but to their family and immediate community.

To inquire on how you can share HOPE, send an email to