Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about the foundation and its services:

Patient Care

+ Do you provide Caregivers and PDNs?

No. But we have a program called Respite Care (link to services) that provides care givers and private duty nurses, at least once a week to patients whose primary care giver exhibits care giver fatigue. We can also refer you to our partner palliative care providers (link to partners).

+ Do you have a facility?

No, but we can give you a referral (link to partners).

+ What home care facilities can you recommend?

For facilities:

For home care palliative providers:

+ Do you pick-up patients in their homes?

We don’t have a vehicle with the capacity to carry patients to and from their homes.

+ Do you have a set criteria for patients who will be visited?

Based from the definition of palliative care, any patient whose Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) has been significantly affected due to an illness like cancer, end-stage renal disease, heart failure, stroke, neuromuscular diseases, and/or advance pulmonary diseases. We have also focused our patient encounters in the City of Muntinlupa.

+ How do I refer patients for Hospice Care

For the patient’s family: Call our office (02) 808 6079.

For health care professionals: Give the patient a medical certificate and medical abstract. Instruct the family to call our office (02) 808 6079.

+ How do I enroll?

Call our office at (02) 808 6079 for instructions (or visit this link). We do need a few requirements:

  • Medical Certificate/Abstract
  • Birth Certificate/ID. A date will be set for the initial visit for assessment and orientation purposes. Once all consent forms are signed and the patient falls within the criteria of Palliative Care, then he/she is enrolled in the foundation.

+ Will I lose my patient on follow-up when I refer?

No. We update the referring physician on the status of his/her patient. If hospitalization is again required, we refer back the patient to his/her doctor.

+ What documents are needed when we refer patients?

  • Medical Certificate/Abstract
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of ID

+ How long can we expect a visit after referral?

Within 3-5 days after the initial call.

+ Do you do emergency visits?

No, our home visits are on a scheduled basis. Our nurses, however, can be reached through phone 24/7. During home visits, we empower family by identifying the situations considered as true emergencies and which are not; what can be done at home and when to bring the patient to the hospital.


+ What services do you provide?

Check (link to Our Services)

+ What areas do you cover for visits?

Only in the City of Muntinlupa.

+ Why Muntinlupa Only?

Due to budget and manpower constraints, we have focused our services to the City of Muntinlupa where our office is situated.

+ Do you visit patients admitted in Hospitals or Nursing Homes?

Our services are focused on providing medical and complementary services at the home our patients. If the patient is admitted in the hospital, our nurses, volunteers and social worker may do a social visit only.

+ Do you orient patients in the hospital?

Yes, if the patient is referred to the foundation a week before his/her discharge. We can visit the patient in the hospital for the orientation of our services and policies.

+ Can we ask for medicines even though we are not the foundation’s patient?

You have to be enrolled in our foundation to receive the various services we provide including medication.

+ Do you do Medical Mission?


+ Do you offer Burial Services?

No. Included in our services is the Bereavement Care for the family our demised patients.

Social Work

+ Kung di po kayo abot ng (city), saan po kaya kami pwede humingi ng tulong?

We can refer you to our partner NGOs and Palliative Care providers near your area.

+ Paano ang gagawin pag kulang ang documents at hindi ma provide?

We allot time for you to secure the necessary documents. But what is important is at least you have a government-issued ID.

+ Indigent lang ba tinatanggap nyo?

We are inclined to accept patients who are poor, and those who could not afford private home care services.

+ Can you help me us with our PCSO application?

Yes, part of our social work services is referral to Government agencies, NGOs and other private health care providers.

+ Magkano income para masabi na indigent?

We have set a criteria to be considered indigent. (link to social works: benevolent fund)


+ Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer - meaning one can have no medical background and still be part of the team.

+ Is there an age limit to volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years old and above.

+ What do volunteers do?

Specific areas of expertise will be spelled out after being a regular volunteer. We have a purely volunteer visit called Birthday Visit - the volunteers go out to greet patients who have birthdays for that month. Learn more about our Volunteer Program.

+ How can I become a volunteer?

Volunteering starts with an orientation determined by the foundation. Sign up here:

+ Do you provide allowance to volunteers?

Yes for regular volunteers. To be considered a regular volunteer one has have had done 6 home visits (breakdown of 2 visits a month for 3 months or 1 visit for 6 months) a 100 peso meal allowance is provided.

+ Do you issue certificate for volunteers?

Yes, if requested after a 3 month tenure.

Donor / Sponsorships

+ How can we help?

Get involved through the following efforts:

A. Share your resources

  • Medicine
  • Medical Supplies and/or Equipment
  • Monetary (Acct. no. OR link to Donation page)

B. Share our advocacy

  • Become a corporate partner (CSR) - Sponsor patients, take part in our "Happy Room"

C. Share your Time & Skills - Become a TRF Volunteer:

  • Doctor
  • Counselor
  • Nurse
  • Caregiver
  • Therapist
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Driver

+ Can I sponsor a patient’s need?

Yes. Through:

  • Monetary: deposit to (Acct. no. OR link to Donation page)
  • In Kind: meds, supplies, equipment -- you may send them to the office, where the authorized staff shall log it into our database and be distributed to our patients.
  • Services (refer to first question)

+ Can we partner with your foundation?

Yes. Through:

  • CSR
  • Training
  • Events

+ Can the foundation be a beneficiary of our activity?

Yes. This may fall under our partner's CSR efforts and we are grateful for this.

+ What can we donate apart from monetary?

(See answer for first question)

+ Can we donate materials such, clothes, medications, and the like?

Yes. Here is a list of what you can donate:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Supplies / Equipment
  • Hopefull box content

Trainings and Human Resource

+ Pwede bang mag OJT sa foundation?

Yes. We offer preceptorship, for more details, leave us a message at

+ Other training given by your foundation?

Yes. Here is a list:

  • Introduction to PHC
  • Preceptorship
  • APHN-partnered webinars + other hosted Health Education webinars Visit (link to ELNEC page)

+ Training Fee?

It varies and is highly dependent on the particular training requests of the partner institution.

  • ELNEC (link to Training page)
  • ELNEC Summit (link to Training page)
  • Introduction to PHC (link...)
  • Webinar (link...)

*OR It varies depending on the particular training requests of the partner institution.

+ How many is your audience limit for ELNEC?

  • For an ELNEC-Core Training or Introduction to PHC - 50 pax
  • For an ELNEC Summit training - 200 pax
  • Webinars / Office-based trainings - 25 to 30 pax

+ Are you a CPD provider (units)?

Not yet. Though, we are in the application process. Also, we do partner with health care institutions who provide CPD units which may be applied to our partnership trainings.

+ Pag nakapag-ELNEC na po ba kami, pwede na namin ito ituro sa iba?

No. It requires finishing ALL ELNEC specialties and proper accreditation from the ELNEC Committee to be able to professionally teach it.

+ Do you have regular training sessions for doctors?

It can be accommodated upon formal request.

+ Paid internship / allowances?

None. OJT, Nurse, CG, NA, PT, OT (Refer to first question)

+ Do you accept exchange programs / observation with other medical foundation?

It can be accommodated upon formal request. (PLS. CONFIRM WITH S. CARLO / DOC MAE)

**+ Internship Program?

Yes. We have preceptorship. (OR refer to first question)

+ How many days in ELNEC?

  • ELNEC-Core: minimum of 2 days
  • ELNEC Summit: minimum of 3 days

+ Do you charge patients for visits? How much?

No. Kindly refer to Patient Care FAQs

+ Libre po ba ako sa ELNEC and other trainings pag volunteer na ako?

This will be dependent on the volunteer's tenure and involvement.


+ What is the working hours of the foundation?

Working hours are from 8am to 6:00pm.

+ Kanino / saan po pwede magsend ng CV/resume?

For applications, you may send this to

+Do you give incentives for referrals?

We do not have incentives for referrals.

+ Do you have partner hospitals & GOs and NGOs?

Yes, at the moment, we are in partner with Ospital ng Muntinlupa, Philippine General Hospital (FaMed Dept) and the City Health Office of Muntinlupa.

+ Do you accept part-timers?

Yes, we employ part-timers. For the complete list of vacancies, visit Careers.


+ Can we partner with you for an event?

Yes. You may write a letter of intent and email it to

+ Do you have a calendar of events?

Yes. (We should have a page for this)

+ May IG or FB po ba kayo?

Yes. Share our advocacy by following and liking our FB page and Instagram.

+ Can I buy your shirts or other merchandise?

Yes. You can order them here: (link of Merchandise page with Order Form)

+ How do we pay? Shipping Fee?

You can order them here: (link of Merchandise page with Order Form)

+ Can we do a research for my thesis in your foundation?

Yes. This may be accomplished after submitting a formal letter of request and approval from the foundation's General Manager, Medical Director, and Executive Director.