September 2016 Featured Volunteer: Cottie del Rosario


TRF’s Volunteer of the Month for September 2016 is Cottie del Rosario!

A retired church worker who loves to bake, Cottie servant-heartedly uses her studies and experience in church as a venue to counsel and pray for our patients. She faithfully volunteers with us once a week and is a jolly and dedicated member of our team.


How did you come to volunteer for TRF?

Nurse Mitch informed me that TRF was looking for a spiritual counselor last summer of 2016. I readily said yes and since then I became a part of the TRF volunteer pool.


Describe the activities you volunteered for. Why did you choose them?

I volunteered as a counselor. Since I studied to be one, I think that I can effectively help in TRF by rendering counseling services.

What were your expectations as a volunteer?

All of my expectations as a spiritual counselor were met. Looking forward though, I would like to be involved more in one-on-one counseling. That way I can help patients and their family members more, journeying with them as they face difficult challenges in life.

How has the experience changed your life? What are your key reflections/lessons?

No matter what situation a person is going through, bringing the love of God to them by listening to what they feel and praying for them makes such a difference.nThis experience has stirred up my compassion for others so much. I always feel my heart smiling after each home visitation.

I have also come to realize that since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, we should take good care of it by choosing to eat healthy.


Thank you Cottie!