A Father’s Sacrifices

Written by Niki Guloy


With Father’s Day right around the corner, we want to appreciate all the amazing dads who remind us what love is.

One such man is someone we met on our home visits. Meet Lolo Leoncio, 97 years old. Not only is he the father of one of our patients– a 66-year-old woman partially paralysed from a stroke– he is her main caregiver! Despite his age, Leoncio is strong and well. He helps his daughter with her daily routine, watches over her, and keeps her company. In these trying times, he is her rock. They live in a simple home, but their support comes from one another. Our team has visited them several times now, and despite his daughter’s condition she perseveres. She’s got a fighting spirit — one she obviously gets from her father.


Fathers like Leoncio show love through their sacrifices. To have your dad by your side when you need him most is a blessing to cherish. While you can, let your dads know you love them too.