December 2016 Featured Volunteer: Bless Abal


TRF’s Volunteer of the Month for December 2016 is Bless Abal!

Bless is a former sales consultant in her early 30s who heard of The Ruth Foundation through common friends and connections. After she joined, her presence has been a warm comfort to patients and the medical team alike.

Q&A with BLESS

How did you come to volunteer for TRF?

My cousin Nurse Jelai told me about the foundation.

Describe the activities you volunteered for. Why did you choose them?

I volunteered for joining home visits, since I have background in taking vital signs and physical assessment from my college days.

How has the experience changed your life? What are your key reflections/lessons?

I expected to just help get the vital signs of our patients and do my best to help them. However, when you get to know the patients and fulfill their needs, you feel warm inside. And it feels good.

This experience also helped me understand more about the nature of palliative healthcare in the Philippines, which needs more focus. I’m thankful to be a part of The Ruth Foundation.

 Thank you Bless!