Hope Reunites


Written By: Mikee Pasaporte

Growing up, I strongly believed that my mom had special powers. She could kiss away the pain of my little finger that got stuck between the cookie jar and its cover. Her hugs could ease the hurt I’d feel from fighting with my best friend. When she strokes my head when it aches, the pain weakens. So I believe that it is true that you are never too old to yearn for you mother.

Avelina, a 50-year old patient of The Ruth Foundation for almost 2 years, diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer with bone metastasis, had the same yearning in December. In the midst of pain, she had wished to face death instead and decided to refuse medication and food. She grew weak and moody, though she had hoped for one specific request…to see her mother, who was incarcerated in Muntinlupa’s City Jail for the past 5 years.

The process for this particular request is quite taxing. From writing a letter to the jail’s warden (who responded with approval but requested that we get a Regional Trial Court order) to corresponding with Judge Aguinaldo after the Christmas break. To expedite the process and by God’s grace, our social worker, Ms. Lira handed it in person and on the same day, the 2-hour provisional visit was approved.

On January 9, 2015, Avelina’s request was granted. Along with 5 of her siblings, children, grandchildren and neighbors, who were already prepared by our nurses, Avelina was able to spend time with her mother for more than an hour.

After the visit, our nurses assessed changes with Avelina. She now has a positive outlook on life; she now eats heartily and she doesn’t refuse medication.

“Patients have pain. ‘Di lang gamot ang nakakagamot. Love comforts and a strong support system is vital. A mother’s touch is truly important.” –Ms. Lira

Hope truly does reunite.