Hope for the Holidays

Written By: Mikee Pasaporte


A 47-year old patient of ours, welcomes the holiday season with more hope than usual. He started off with immense weakness on all his extremities on the right side of his body due to a stroke. In comparison with his condition last month, he can now move his right hand, sit on his wheelchair and is improving with his speech.

He is a husband and a father. He has not given up. He has chosen not to give up. He is a fighter.

His family supports him. They are the reason he can still give that lopsided smile despite his current condition.  He is resilient. He represents those who are still willing to be the best they can be. He represents HOPE.

There are many just like him. There are many out there who haven’t lost faith in getting better, in feeling better, and in being a better version of themselves. There are many of those who haven’t given up. There are many of those who aren’t affected much by the chaos surrounding lab results that may change your life and give you a horrible prognosis. Call it good days and bad days, but regardless of what we may label it, they are our days. This is the season to give tribute to those who still have hope and still fight for it.

Merry Christmas and God bless!