July 2014 Featured Volunteer: Noemi Mamaril


TRF’s Volunteer of the Month for July is private duty nurse Normita “Noemi” Mamaril.

Q&A with NOEMI

How did you come to volunteer for TRF?

I came to know TRF through a Wound Care Seminar the foundation held in partnership with Calmoseptine.

What were your expectations as a volunteer?

To participate in wound care for the foundation’s referred patients in their homes.

Describe the activities you volunteered for, and why did you choose them?

Actually all activities done by the team are the same activities in the hospital, the only difference is the setting. Through this, my dream to give my time, loving care, and expertise for free with God at my side  came true.

What are your key reflections/lessons? How has the experience changed your life?

Well it was fruitful in the sense that from the first day I stepped into the TRF office it felt like I was part of the foundation for a long time. The doctors were kind and I felt that they appreciated whatever contribution I shared during house visits. It has changed my life a lot since the foundation deals with people from all walks of life yet whenever challenges occur in their journey they express it with tears flowing in their eyes uttering that God and Jesus will help them no matter how difficult it  is. That truly inspired me.

Thank you Noemi!