Alone No More: Jonathan’s Story

Written by Ina Amor-Mejia

Jonathan with nurse Emma before his successful operation at the PGH

Jonathan with nurse Emma before his successful operation at the PGH

Jonathan Roda, a cancer patient in his 40’s, came to TRF with a large mass on his left knee. Suffering from Osterosarcoma, a common type of bone cancer, Jonathan came to TRF desperate for help. He was alone, in pain, and was losing hope. The staff and nurses of TRF moved quickly to help Jonathan, enlisting the help of other compassionate individuals, and securing arrangements with doctors at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for a free operation to remove the mass on his knee.

The operation last July 16, 2013 was successful, and Jonathan has since been transformed both physically and emotionally. Through the efforts of TRF, he is currently undergoing free palliative care and follow-up care at the PGH. Indeed, TRF’s amazing journey can be told through Jonathan’s story. And although the reality is that not every story can have a happy ending like Jonathan’s, it tells of how compassion, hard work, and perseverance can produce swift results—something so crucial in TRF’s work where time if of the essence.

In his own words:

“I would like to thank all those who helped me to get the care I needed. Right away they brought me to the hospital so I could be seen by doctors and get treatment. Rain or shine they visited me to check on me. I’m very, very grateful to the Ruth Foundation, to Doctor Mae and everyone in the team who are always there to help me.” -Jonathan Roda