Hope Delivered: TRF joins typhoon relief


TRF joins the massive effort to bring relief and aid to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Over 6,000 people are feared to have died and millions are left with damage to their homes and without electricity after the typhoon devastated parts of the Visayas in November 8. With the help of volunteers, the TRF team packed medicine, food , and clothing donated by benefactors and friends. On November 18, these thirty (30) tons of goods were distributed to some 3,150 families of five affected barangays in Iloilo City in Panay. According to TRF Program Director Dr. Mae Corvera, “These initial efforts are but dots on the map of compassion lighting up all over the country and world at this very moment, for Yolanda’s victims. But with the support that has been entrusted to the foundation, we will continue on our humble way – now focusing on contributing to long-term rehabilitative relief measures.”

TRF is looking at future trips to Panay to oversee the delivery of more building tools and materials as well as medicines and supplies to key health units in the area. “Potentially, in line with the competencies of the foundation we are also looking into organizing efforts for training of health and social workers on the field in psychological relief and grief care,” Corvera said.